Wednesday, May 4, 2011

10 Things on Thursday

1. What is the weather like in your city today?
Believe it or not, it was cloudy at first and a bit chilly, only getting to be about 55. Then the sun came out, and I saw a decent sunset. Too bad the sunsets weren't that nice when I had to take pics for my photography class. (Sigh)

2. Do you like the zoo?
I Love the zoo! I have gone there for many birthdays even in recent years. (I secretly wanted to work there just a few years ago. Oh and I still wish I could work there every time I visit, until I watch the keepers cleaning up elephant poop.) lol

3. Do you eat coconut?
Yes! Last week for Easter, I bit into a chocolate egg, only to discover, it was filled with coconut! It made my day (well actually it was night), but anyways, I was only sad I only grabbed one egg! If only I had known they had yummy coconut in them!

4. Have you ever hammered a nail? Are you good at it?
Yes I have, and No. I typically hand the job over to the nearest male. I love the feminist movement and all, but there are some jobs I would rather leave to men. 

5. Does your family have a vacation destination that you visit often?
Yes. Every year my mom and stepdad visit his family who all live in New Jersey. For a few years, we rented a shore house every summer. Now that I have been taking summer classes the past few years, we have just been staying with my grandma and driving to the beach on certain days. I <3 the beach!

6. How many pillows do you sleep with?
One. Unless I'm sick and having trouble breathing. Then I prop myself up with two. 

7. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Hit Snooze. Then drag myself out to the kitchen to eat breakfast while I check my e-mail. (Class canceled today? Fingers crossed) lol.

8. Will you send your kids to summer camp?
Yes! Hello! Where do you think I met Ross? Summer camp is one of my favorite experiences ever! I have been to so many since I was little, and I loved them all! So so so much fun!

9. What do you put in your baked potatoes?
On a normal day, Omega-3 fat free butter, sour cream, and maybe some sea salt. One a good day, broccoli and cheese as well as sour cream and butter. (Mantequilla and crema agria) I used this on my spanish test today! :)

10. Did you take swimming lessons as a kid?
Yes! Every year the neighbor kids and I took swimming lessons in the winter at a Natatorium.  p.s. Once, I slipped off the diving board (high dive) at the end of a lesson when a giant puddle had accumulated in the middle of the board. Luckily, my leg was caught on the medal railing and I hung from it with one leg until someone kindly got me down. I actually remember looking at the crowd next to the pool upside down. Needless to say, I have been accident prone as far back as I can remember. Good times. lol

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