Monday, May 16, 2011

Updated news articles on the accident.

I found these posted on a couple of news websites that give details of the car accident my brother was in. There are some pretty horrifying pictures of the remains of the cars, so if you don't want to see them, don't follow the links.

Highway Patrol Investigating Fatal Medina County Crash - WJW

If you click on this above it takes you to a video of the aftermath of the crash site. This was on Fox 8 news.

Car crash death toll rises to two - The Post Newspapers

This is one of the most up to date articles on the wreck.

Two-car crash leaves one dead - The North Royalton Post

An update on my brother:

He is staying at home with my mom right now who is retired and is more available to care for him at this time. He was living with my Dad at the time of the accident. My dad comes over to my mom's house everyday and takes my brother on a walk with his dog Marley. My brother can walk but because of the pain from breaking 7 ribs, bruising a lung, and breaking a vertebra in his neck, he is in a lot of pain and currently is using the aid of a wheel chair. Please continue to lift up in prayer the other survivors of the accident and their families as they heal and care for their loved ones, as well as the two families who have lost their children in this terrible accident. Thank you all again for your continuos support. Ryan is allowed to have visitors now.

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