Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday night update:

Ryan went for his C T Scan around 3p.m. today, and we won't get results back until tomorrow afternoon.

I am not looking forward to being at school tomorrow when we find out, but I can only miss so many classes or I fail them all and lose my money...not good, so I have to go.

Oh the joy of playing the waiting game.

I did discover today that the crash made Fox 8 news,  It's bit graphic in a way, and some people might not want to see it. Though, it's already been on the news, so some people may have already seen it.

Just a reminder, as of right now, Ryan doesn't know the details of the wreck, and seeing as he is not allowed to move, we don't want he having the chance to become upset and react to anything, so please no texting him questions.

As a side note, my parents are also not ready to talk to people about the incident. Some have been texting me thoughts and prayers messages and we appreciate them greatly, but they are simply not ready to talk to anyone right now. Thank you so much for all of your consideration.

I will be glad to keep whoever wants to know updated on here. It keeps it more personal. Thanks.,0,5091657.story

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