Thursday, June 2, 2011

When Semesters and Quarters collide

I finally finished my 15 page paper tonight! Yay! Now I have another chick lit fiction story to write for my final exam in my fiction writing class, then I have to study for my final exam in spanish 103. Then, I have a quiz due on monday for my summer classes! I am taking two online summer courses through Kent State. I'm taking Art History 2, which starts monday, though I have to listen to the lecture online and take my quiz by monday (it's not like I have final exams to complete on top of this or anything) and then submit an online discussion for Art History by wednesday, which is the day of my final exam in Spanish. Not to mention, I am moving to West Virginia on sunday and I have to pack up and clean my entire apartment this weekend. (It's not like I have final exams to complete and a summer class quiz to prepare for or anything). Are you noticing a pattern here? Taking classes for two different colleges at the same time is a little challenging. But I'll get it all done. I always do. 

In the mean time I'm sleeping out on the futon in front of the air conditioner since it doesn't reach the bedroom and it gets mighty stuffy in there at night. Ross is already living in West Virginia and we are keeping in touch via text message, web cam, and cell phone. Kind of reminds me last year, (see )

Soon enough...
-I won't hear the cars thudding over the rail road tracks every time they drive by.
-I won't have to listen to the people walking around on Main Street right below my window.
-I won't have to hear the immature college &/or high school students driving by honking every time they pass the bar I live across from (really? every day you have to do this?) I want to yell out at them "Shut up!" But I don't. 
-I will be with Ross again. (I'm not a fan of sleeping places by myself)
-I won't be living in disarray. (This apartment is officially undecorated and a mess)
-Someone else will have my fish, hopefully! 
-I will only have one class to worry about at a time. few
-I'll have more free time. To do things like, read, watch movies, catch up on shows, work out, and just relax! 

I can't wait to move to West Virginia for the summer. It will be like a nice long vacation. 

Here are some pictures I took tuesday night of the really cool sunset here. 

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