Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cupcakes and Sleep

Decorating the cupcakes!

Yay! I get to use my new desert holder!

Spring Sprinkles!
So my plan to get myself to bed by 10:30 sunday night failed miserably! Even after turning on a sound wave relaxation cd on my mp3 player and speakers in my bedroom, and taking a sleep aid, I laid awake sunday until 1:30a.m. So basically after getting up at 6:00a.m. I was fighting off falling asleep in my first photography class, though it seems really awesome and I can't wait to learn how to take better pictures!

I then went to my first higher level fiction writing class of the day, only to find my three group of girls I was always paired with in my last class, were not taking this class, and I had to work with a group of people I had never read allowed to before. We had to write a short story based upon a kidnapping. Mine had good intentions, but failed to deliver. I was so nervous to read something I had written that was completed and wasn't edited, that my hand could hardly scroll down the page of my macbook while I attempted stumbling over my own shaky nervous voice while reading out loud a story that I plan to delete completely.

Then, I went to my first spanish 103 class, and luckily, I convinced a girl who also lost her set of friends due to the fact that the only needed two spanish classes for their major, to move over to my side of the room. She is such a sweetheart, but I didn't want to sit over by the window where I could easily daydream the class away that I really need to pay attention in! Later, I'm going to make some flash cards and learn the basic human body parts and how to say something isn't well with your body in Spanish. We are going to play Simon says tomorrow, so we have to know our body parts! I am thinking clip art is about to come in handy while making my flash cards! ;)

Now for last night. Well, this morning really. I allowed myself to stay up until 12 getting things done e-mail wise and such. Then at 1:00a.m. someone decided to begin doing their laundry. I live in an apt. building where the walls are shared between other tenants. The laundry room is shared with everyone in the building. Our walls are super thin, and we have a drop ceiling that allows much light and noise to seep through the cracks. It's bad enough that I have to hear the drunken people yell outside to one another on the streets at all ours of the night, listen to the people on my floor slam their doors and stomp up and down the stairs and through the hallway, yelling and laughing loudly to one another not matter what time of night or how early in the morning. They really have no respect at all for the fact that someone just might be trying to sleep! If that wasn't annoying enough to deal with on a regular basis, we also are located right next to the laundry room. We must be the only people who can hear the dryer buzz. If someone doesn't come and take their clothes out, it just keeps running and buzzing over and over again. There is not time limit. It will go for hours! Last night, the dryer was going from 1a.m.-4:30a.m. and I couldn't sleep at all with the banging of whatever they had in there, and buzzing. I was already sleep deprived from the night before, but now I am just flat out nonfunctional! I heard someone check their laundry at 3:00a.m. and when I tried to run out and catch them before they went down the steps, I ran into my bedroom door and now have a giant bruise and welt on my arm from the door! Ouch! Then I stubbed my toe on the door as well. Pitch black and sleep deprived is a bad combination! lol. But I wasn't laughing last night. I was crying because I was so exhausted and I just wanted to sleep!

I wrote to my land lord and asked if we could have a time limit on when people can do their laundry until at night. I wish I was one of those people who could sleep through anything. It would make living here so much easier. But it's also a gift because when I was younger I awoke to glass breaking in my family home as a child and prevented someone from breaking in our house. So being able to sleep like a rock isn't always the best thing.

On a good note, I got a Victoria Secret order in the mail today, and I am wearing my new black cropped pokadotted yoga pants, and I plan on working out some of this frustration. I also decided to bake some cupcakes today to make me feel better. They are cute spring cupcakes with pastel wrappers and confetti sprinkles. Well, time to work out. Hopefully tonight, I can get some sleep!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Quarter Begins (and a bit about my college history)

Tomorrow begins my first day of classes for my Spring quarter! I'm 25 years old but yet it never fails that I get nervous before my first day of classes! I also just realized that I don't know where my classes are yet! My first new class is photography. It fulfills one of my art requirements for my major. I get to bring my brand new camera I got for x-mas from my Dad! Yay! I need to learn how to really use it anyways! My second class is a higher level fiction writing class than the one I had last quarter. I'm super excited for it because I will actually be starting to write a novel in this class that I have been wanting to write for a while now! My third class is Spanish 103! I can't believe it! I'm so nervous to find out how much harder this class will be! I managed to get an A in the first two spanish classes, but I am so nervous for this one! I really want to keep my g.p.a. up! I got all A's last quarter and I'm so excited about doing better than I did during my first quarter at OSU! It just goes to show me that Dental Hygiene wasn't my thing!
(This is why I am still in college at 25)

I originally was in the Dental Hygiene program, and I really didn't like it! I'm not very good at having to see other people's blood all the time. Most people don't floss, so they bleed when they get their teeth cleaned. I couldn't stomach it! That would be why I never wanted to go to nursing school! Also, I'm sort of a shaky person and I was scared to be poking around in people's mouths with sharp tools! At the end of my first year, I decided I didn't want to be a hygienist anymore, and I went back to Kent State and started using the classes and I had already taken and put them towards completing a bachelors in English.

Once My b/f began attending Law School two hours away from where I was going to school, I was in a long distance relationship. We drove back and forth on the weekends for about a year. We moved in together the next summer to see how we felt about living together and taking our relationship to the next step. It was then we decided we couldn't go another year apart. So I transferred so we could be closer.

Now, we are living together in an apartment. We (I) have two hermit crabs (we are not allowed to have real pets lol) and one beta and a golden loach. We have had quite a bit of trouble with fish tanks. The one I bought because the light in the middle changed colors, did not have a filter, and was only a 3 gallon tank. So, I apparently had too many fish in it, and they died. Not a good day. I mean they literally all died in one day. My heater did go crazy that night and got up really high to like 85 in the middle of the night, so that could have been what did them in, but the guy at the pet store said you are only supposed to have an inch of fish to every gallon of water. Basically my 3 inch long golden loach would have been the limit, and from the pictures in past posts, I had more than just him/her. So now, all I have is my beta and golden loach in a little beta tank. My beta is new. I got him while I was home on spring break.
He's the prettiest Beta I have ever had!

My new pretty Beta!
My big hermit crab-His name is Spike :)

Spike and Brownie live here. 

It's officially time for me to go to bed now! I have to make myself get to bed by 10p.m. so I can try to get eight hours of sleep. I think I'm going to try and get up at 5:45 tomorrow and leave by 7:30a.m. I'll try this time frame out and go from there! Wish me luck on my first day back! :) Goodnight!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break

I'm officially on Spring Break. I went home (where my parents still live) to stay with my parents for the week. I have been catching up with as many friends as I can make time for. It's been so much fun hanging out with my girlfriends! I really needed the break from studying, and time with my girlfriends. Where I live near my school, I don't have any really close girlfriends yet. I still keep in touch with friends from home, and luckily one of my good friends from home keeps in touch with me on a regular basis, even though I moved two hours away.

Pam's birthday

I have also made the decision to start working out more. I've been having a lot of back pains lately, and after getting a massage during finals week, (Ross bought me a gift card to a local massage place in our town for Valentines Day) the massage therapist told me that I need to work out more and stretch my muscles. When I go back to school my schedule will change, and I'm going to start taking yoga classes. I'm hoping that by attending yoga classes on a regular basis, I will keep myself in better shape, relieve some stress (all of my classes are only going to get harder) and feel better! Sounds good right? Now I just have to do it, and stick to it!

I can use my guest pass at the local YMCA and work out at the gym with my friend when she goes! She was my work out buddy before I moved away, and I haven't been as motivated to work out at my own local Y by myself. Hopefully, by getting myself back into a work out routine on spring break, I will be motivated to keep it up once the new quarter begins! One more year and I graduate! I can't wait! I am loving this time off! I do miss Ross though!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Finals Weekend

This is the doormat for the sorority girls who live across the hall from me.
This really explains it all!

At this moment, I am listening to girls stomp up the steps in my apartment building, as they loudly talk to one another right outside my apartment door. The apartment across the hall from me is home to three sorority girls. Though they have been sweet after my boyfriend and I have had to talk to them a couple of times about being quiet when they come in drunk at 2:00 in the morning, stomping up the steps and yelling at each other being drunken girls, they still continue to be loud. I know what you're thinking. I sound like an old hag. The thing is, I'm about to be 26. I'm so over the going out to the bars and getting drunk faze.

I get it though. I've been there. I had some fun times, did some stupid things. But now, I want a peaceful study environment when I am trying to study and do my homework. I want to get a good nights sleep before I have to take a test the next day. It's now 12:19 a.m. I can hear the girls in their apartment across the hall. I really want to be able to get enough sleep tonight pretty soon so that I can manage to get up for church tomorrow. I haven't been to church in a while, and I am actually in the mood to go. (That's a story for another day)

There's more to this though. I really am becoming disappointed by the way some young adults can be so disrespectful. I know everyone is raised differently in different circumstances, but when you hit your 20's, it's time to grow up. It's time to act like an adult. I'm really seeing that 20 something year olds are just as bad as teenagers. We think we have everything figured out. But we don't. I just wish the people in my building were a bit more respectful. Ya know, throw their drier sheets in the trash can provided instead of on the floor in the laundry room. It would be nice if they could just empty their lint out of the lint trap so I don't have to do it every time I go to put my stuff in the dryer, get their stuff out of the machines so other people can do their laundry, talk a bit quieter in the hall at 3a.m. I just know that as a young adult, my mom stressed the importance of being quiet when I came in late a night. I don't care what they do, as long as it's not keeping me up the night before a final exam! This is my finals week coming up, and I pray to God they let me sleep this week!

There has been something else on my mind lately.

I guess that's one of those things you learn in life as you grow older. In your 20's people drift away. Sure, I'm going to make friends with people in other stages of my life, and that's just how it goes. But there are still days that I miss when I was younger, and my girlfriends and I were closer, (even when they were seeing someone). I am with my boyfriend, and I love him with all of my heart. But I think having your girlfriends in your life is important too. 

For now, I count down the days when I can move out of this apartment building full of undergrads, no longer living next to a train track, no longer living across the street from two bars. The days when I can study without having to hear drunk obnoxious people shout at each other, and sorority girls stumble up the steps right next to my living room, yell in the hallway right outside the wall of my bedroom, I will be a much happier woman. I can't wait to start apartment hunting in the next couple of weeks. Finding a better place for next year just might give me a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I won't have to share a washer and drier anymore either! Oh, to be able to do my laundry whenever I please, and not be woken at 3a.m. when someone else decides to do theirs!

Friday, March 4, 2011

March Madness

March is finally here, we are getting flooding here instead of many inches of snow now! I would call that some kind of progress. Orange japanese beetles are flying around, birds wake me up chirping before the sun rises, and it's finally not s cold outside! My college is currently running on quarters and not semesters. I actually like being on quarters a lot better, because I can do more classes in a year than a student who is on semesters. The classes move more quickly, but this is a good thing if you do not like your professor or the class at the time. Right now, I am taking two English classes, and Spanish. Next quarter I will be in Spanish 103, and I'm a little nervous to see how much harder the class will be, but I am doing well in 102 so far. Next quarter I will be taking the next class up in creative fiction writing and a photography class as well. I'm so excited for the photography class! Who wouldn't like to learn how to take better pictures? My dad bought me a new Kodak digital camera for Christmas, and  it's nicer than my old one, so I should be able to take pretty good pictures for my class! Yay! 

Also, Ross was offered a summer internship. I am trying to figure out if I can take summer classes from another school, and transfer them over for credit, that way I can graduate in the horseshoe stadium outside at the end of next Spring! One more year left of school! I have been in College for wayyyy to long! Spring break is coming up in two weeks, and I will get to go home for a bit and visit my friends back in Akron! So exciting! Sadly, Ross is on his spring break now, so he will have to stay back at our apartment so he can go to his classes. Right now, Ross is trying to call hotels to see if we can get a low rate to find a place to live near where his internship is this summer. If I can't take classes this summer, I will try and find a summer job somewhere, but it would be much better if I can take classes and graduate sooner! Fingers crossed that we find somewhere nice! 

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