Saturday, May 7, 2011

I love you so much little brother. You can make it through this.

So, hardest blog I hope I ever have to write for a long time.

My dad called me this morning and told me my brother had been in a bad accident last night.  He told me, the other driver lost control of his car, and hit the car being driven by a friend of my brother along with three other passengers. They were in a Yukon, and the other driver was in a small sports car. Like I said, the other driver didn't make it. He was only 26. My hear immediately felt for him and his loved ones.

So I asked, "Is the alive?"
   "Yes." My dad said.
    "Does he have all of his limbs?"

My dad went on to tell me that he broke all of his ribs, and may have damaged his lungs or other organs so they were doing tests to see what else might be wrong.

My mom was notified, and I called her and talked to her, and she told me to stay put for now, until they found out what was going on. (If you don't know, I live over two hours away.")

Ross had a final exam early this morning so I spent the first three hours pacing my apt. and talking to some close friends and family.

My mom sent me a picture of Ryan sitting up in bed with his eyes closed and it said, "VVerry much pain." Poor guy, he looked like it.

At this point Ryan had no memory of the accident, but began to complain of pain in his neck. They checked it out, and sure enough. His neck was broken. Yes, they let him sit up and everything else for hours without even knowing his neck was broken. (I am livid at finding this out, and dating a law student all that is running through my head is, malpractice.) How could they not have checked his neck right away?

So, they talked about life flighting him to either Toledo or Cleveland Clinic from Medina hospital (which is very close to where the wreck happened.) So I was told to stay put while they waited to decide where to take him. Where I live, it would be very close to just drive to Toledo, so I didn't want to drive all the way back home just to turn around and come back.

They day went on, and I called my mom and heard my brother mumble something to my mom in the background. Yes he is talking and can feel his fingers and toes. This is very very good. But it broke my heart to hear him sound like he was in so much pain, and to hear my mom's voice barely break and say "you are going to be okay hunny." I knew I couldn't wait around anymore.

I finally ate at around 3:30, (I can't eat when I'm really upset.) and Ross and I packed our bags and headed to the hospital.

My mom called me about 10 minutes from the hospital to tell me they were moving him.

Side note, everyone was driving like maniacs today and it was scaring the crap out of me. I've noticed after today that everyone drives way to fast, talks and texts on their phones way to much while driving, are constantly not looking at the road for other reasons. PEOPLE, KNOCK IT OFF! The guy in the other car was not drunk or under the influence as far as we know when he lost control of his car.

So he may have simply been distracted, and he died. The girl driving and the girl in the passenger seat are not doing well. They may not make it. All because for whatever reason that guy was distracted by something. We have got to start making a conscious effort to pay attention and be more kind when we are all driving. People tailgate, and get road rage like crazy people! Everyone needs to chill. You won't get there at all if you die in the process driving like maniac!

But back to my little brother. He is not allowed to move. He drinks from a sponge, and was on a board when we got there preparing to be moved to Cleveland Clinic. He had his head and neck in a brace and tapped down to the board. It was a sad sight. I've never seen my mom and dad look so sad and scared in all of my life. Ryan looked sad, and in pain. He was in a lot of pain. It killed me to see him hurting so much. He may have bruised his head. We won't know everything for sure until they run more tests.

From there, they will decide if they need to operate on his neck. I don't know what all of it entails, but they are being cautions when they move him. I was able to kiss him when I got there, and kiss him goodbye. My mom, stepdad, Ross and I all got to ride in the elevator with him while he was on the stretcher before being taken to Cle.

Now we just have to pray they can fix his neck, and he will be alright. He was allergic to some kind of pain medicine after a past shoulder surgery, and we don't know what it was, and the clinic he had his surgery at before is closed for the weekend. So lets hope, they don't give him that one.

So by now he is at Cleveland Clinic, getting tests run, and surgery may happen overnight or in the morning. My mom is planning on letting me know how things are in the morning. At this point we have no idea how long he will be in the hospital, or the other things to come.

I just need as many prayers as we can get. I should mention, he doesn't remember anything about the accident and we don't want him to know right now. So please don't let any details get back to him. He does have his phone, but he can't talk to anyone right now. He just has to stay very still. My mom, dad and his girlfriend will be with him all night and into the morning. Ross and I will most likely visit him tomorrow before we have to head back home.

I am just waiting to hear how everything is going. The story is in the Medina newspaper and it was on interstate 18. I did see pictures of the wreck, but I am not going to post them. Ryan can choose to do that later if he wants to, but it was bad. There was hardly anything left of either cars. He is lucky to even be alive.

On a second note, the two girls may not survive that were in the car with him, so please especially being mother's day, pray for them and their families. No mom wants to spend mother's day in the hospital with one of their babies, hoping that will survive. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

I know I ranted and raved about the crazy drivers, but we all forget that lives hang in the balance when we drive. We drive so often that we forget how dangerous it can really be.

Leave early, so you don't have to spend.
Don't drink and drive.
Try your hardest not to have road rage.
Don't tailgate.
Always say I love you.
Drive slow, save a life.

Thank you everyone. I will write more tomorrow. God bless and goodnight.


Adam said...

Thanks for filling us in, Ashlie...y'all hang in there. Ryan is definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

Ashlie said...

Thanks Adam! It means a lot to hear from you guys! xoxo


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