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Let the moving process begin

For all of the readers who have been following my blog for updates on my brother, there is an update in the green section below. However, before his accident, I blogged about my life, and I have decided to continue on. I will still post random updates about him whenever I have something to say, but I will continue to blog my "journey" on here again. 
This blog is about what has been going on lately with Ross and I finishing this school year, and getting ready to move to West Virginia. While at home, my family asked about my reasoning for wanting to give up meat, and though I have not done so completely quite yet, I explained my reasoning for slowly doing so below. I hope you enjoy!


-Ross and I are packing up all of the non essentials for my remaining two-three weeks of living in this apartment. (I have dreamed of this day, well the one when I wouldn't be living in this memorable first apartment any longer!)

-I did my worst ever on my spanish oral quiz. Thank you photography class for taking all the time out of my life this quarter.

-Wait, I want to only write positive things, so thank you for that quiz being over! ;)

-We are going out to dinner tonight whenever Ross finishes moving things to our storage unit. (Yes all of our things not going to West Virginia for the summer, which is pretty much everything besides make-up, school books and clothes, are going in a storage unit.) 

-I am officially taking a study break. This quarter, like the rest, has been full of hard work. I still want to make the Dean's list, not gonna lie. It will be my third time, and I can still pull it off if I study hard enough for my spanish final!

-am helping a friend make plans for where to get hair, nails, etc. done the day before and of her wedding and rehearsal. (boy prices for all that stuff is ridiculous!)

-Ross and I tried out a new Japanese steak house and got sushi. Yum! California is one of my favorites!

-Then we went to Wal-Mart (we don't have a target near us) and I stocked up on vegetarian meals for while Ross is away. He is a meat eater, but I prefer to not eat meat as much as I can help it.

so...a little explanation on that...(You can skip this part if you care less about my specific detailed reasons for slowly giving up meat)

The food I eat...

-It's more of a taste, texture and smell thing than it is a save the environment and those poor furry friends sort of thing, thought I am way pro earth friendly everything possible, and I am way pro furry friends. However, lately in the past year, I become nauseous when I smell meat, and I don't like the taste of most eat, or the texture of it. I have pretty much never eaten steak through out my childhood. I couldn't stand how it seemed that you could chew and chew on a piece of steak, but it would never break down. Gross. But I always ate chicken. Now, when Ross cooks chicken on the George Forman, I get sick to my stomach. I just can't stand the smell and I literally have to open a window, spray room spray, and go into another room. I know, dramatic right? :( I honestly just can't help it. I pretty much feel the same way about pork. I used to always be able to eat breakfast sausage, but ever since I bit into what I thought was a bone in a Mcdonalds sausage egg McMuffin, I pretty much avoid them. I started getting Jimmy Dean's breakfast sandwiches, the sausage ones, sometimes the bacon, but the sausage began to give me that same, "yuck I can't eat this" feeling, and the bacon tasted so processed. (probably because it was lol) So I tried some other brands, before realizing, I am really starting to not like meat anymore, at all. 

However, today while grocery shopping, I came across the Morning Star section, with "no meat, meat". Sausage that isn't really sausage in little breakfast sandwiches, (Score!) Buffalo chicken that isn't really chicken...(What is it then?) Spinach lasagna and some other pastas with no meat. While Ross is gone, I plan to eat all the vegetarian meals I can eat! I know to most people it seems ridiculous, or childish,  but I am guessing that as an adult, they wouldn't eat something they knew they didn't like either. I eat pretty healthy on a regular basis, I am going to start incorporating exercise into my daily routine, and there are other ways to get the protein and vitamins I need. Ways like, taking multivitamins, fish oil, protein bars and shakes, nuts, and all kinds of food that doesn't contain meat, but has protein and vitamins. It may seem like a silly life change, but it's one I am still figuring out. Ross doesn't want to give up meat, so when my parents give us meat for free, I don't refuse it, and every know and then I eat whatever he wants, but sometimes I just can't do it, so I make myself something else. It's not a big deal, and we adjust to it just fine. Everyone has to find what works for them. 

Also, I have always been a seafood lover, but I never really eat fish except for salmon, and tonight, I realized I can only consume a small amount of shrimp before I get the same reaction I have to meat. Shrimp is a lot like meat, and many vegetarians don't eat seafood either. I am more of a shellfish eater I guess than all seafood, though I like scallops too. 

This weekend...

-Ross is going to Put In Bay for a bachelor party, leaving me all to my lonesome, which means, he won't be distracting me with Dexter, trying to tempt me away from my studies.

-I plan to write all of my papers for English, which includes a 15 page paper, and fixing up everything I have written during the 

-I have to get together all of my pictures for my final photography assignment of portraits. I went home last weekend to photograph "family" pictures of my family and a friend of mine who has the cutest little boy. I got to see so many people last weekend while I was home and it was sooo nice!

Will make it in my final photography

Yes...(And if you are a reader who likes updates about my brother)...

-This blog is pretty much all about me, so if you are one of the readers who follows to hear news about my is some updates.

-He is staying with my Dad right now.
-He is still in his neck brace and not enjoying it.
-He has learned he is getting more aches and pains from the accident everyday and it's not fun. (for any of us.)
-He is still in a lot of pain.
-He is going stir crazy but it worries the heck of my parents and I to let him go places with broken ribs and a broken vertebrae. I understand his desire to get out of the house, but being safe is the first priority. However, I did let some old friends take him to Target to get some new sunglasses. His eyes are extra sensitive to light now for some reason since the accident. 

On the good side...
-He is lucky to be alive, lucky to have so many family and friends who care, love and are good to him.
-He is talking to me more.
-I am hoping this will change his life for the better, some day.

Ryan James


-am excited to be going to West Virginia for the summer and getting out of Ada finally! Wooohooo!
-hope this nasty weather stays away and never comes back! (I bought a radio today since we have no cable and I want to be safe when Ross is gone.)
-Can't wait to ride my new bike more! (Ross and I both got new bikes recently, and are going to be taking them to WV for the summer! Thanks Dad for the birthday gift!)

Our new bikes! :)

my bike

-Am so ready to be done with school, this quarter in particular, though graduating finally would be great too!
-Can't wait for the stress of finals to pass, and final projects!
-Already miss my friends from home even though I haven't moved yet.
-Can't wait to move into our new apartment next year!
-Wonder if we will ever get a cat or a dog next year?
(Siberian kitten or Havanese puppy?) Or dog or cat? Boy or girl?

-need to start studying tomorrow until everything is finished!
-wish I could go party and hang out with my friends this weekend, but I know I have too much stuff to get done! Boo! 
-Wish I could have that "college experience" more and not have to study ALL the time! :(
-Hope I make the dean's list again this quarter! 
-Want to do really well on all my final projects and exams!
-Am about to go to bed and spend just a little bit more time with Ross before he leaves for the weekend! 

Yup, our air conditioning only reaches the family room,
so that is now where we sleep.

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