Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photographing the alphabet

My first assignment in my photography class was to go around and find objects that formed letters of the alphabet and photograph them at different times of the day, including sunrise, midday and sunset, as well as some time in between. They had to be made from 1-3 ft, 3-5ft. or 15-100 ft. We were not allowed to have more than five with only one surface, some with 2 objects to make a letter, some with three, and 4 plus if possible (backgrounds and objects in background count as other surfaces in photos).
The photographs had to be in focus and exposed properly. These are my photographs from the class.

Midday 2 objects 15-100ft.

2 objects (ground and hose) 1-3 ft. Sunset

Midday 2 objects (brick and tube) 1-3 ft.

3 objects (shadow, handle, siding) Midday 1-3ft.

3 objects (grass, mulch, bricks) sunrise 1-3 ft.

3 surfaces, deck, water, rail. sunrise 1-3 ft. 

2 objects less than 1 ft. Midday

many surfaces 15-100 ft. sunset

3 surfaces/objets (sky, pole, light) midday 15-100ft.

2 surfaces. midday. less than 1 ft. 

stones, pavement, rocks, implied lines. sunrise 1-3ft.

4 surfaces (grass, wood, fence, mulch) sunset 1-3ft.
sunset, many surfaces/objects. over 100 ft.

midday 2 surfaces. 3-5ft.

3-5 ft. many surfaces 

3 surfaces (window, bushes, siding) 5 plus ft. sunrise

2 surfaces sunrise 1-3 ft.

sunrise. many objects (background counts)  1-3 ft.

2 surfaces midday less than 1 ft. 

15-100 ft. sunset 2 surfaces

many surfaces. sunset 3-5 ft.

1-3ft. one surface. 
midday 1-3ft.

2 surfaces 1-3 ft. 

3 objects midday 100+ ft.

midday 3-5 ft. multiple surfaces


Jenna Lynn said...

Okay, those are seriously all so cool. I love it! Good job, Ashlie!!! <3

Ashlie said...

Thanks! :) It was hard work! Early to rise gets the good pics!


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