Monday, May 9, 2011

Great News!!

We got the results back today from Ryan's CT scan, and he fractured his C1 bone in his neck attached to his spine, so that means he will not need surgery, and he will not be paralyzed! The bone will heal on it's own in time.

My mom told me today that there were actually six guys in the car along with the two girls, so there were 8 people total in the car.

The young man who was seated next to my brother has similar injuries. The two guys in the seats in front of them broke their femurs due to the bucket type seats from the front seats of the car. So far, everyone is hanging in there.

We are not sure when Ryan will be out of the hospital yet. As long as he is on the trauma floor, he will not be allowed to go home. They are not letting any of them walk yet.

Please keep them and all of their families in your thoughts and prayers. We hope to see them all make a full recovery.

On another happy little note, when my mom was in the elevator yesterday after getting herself a lovely bottle of pop and bag of popcorn for her mother's day lunch, a priest stepped on the elevator with two roses in his hand. He wished her a happy mother's day, and when he got off at his floor, he turned around and handed her one of the roses. So sweet.

I hope all of the mothers had a nice day yesterday. Hold your children close, you never know how long you have with them.

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