Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Final Summer Semester

The college journey of my life has been fun, crazy, challenging, sometimes stressful, enriching, and overall, an amazing ride.

With that said, I am so happy that I am in my last semester of undergrad!


Real world, here I come!

In order to graduate, I have to take two online classes, one is a cardio fitness class that teaches you how to live a healthier lifestyle, and the other is a Shakespearean Comedies class.

I am also taking a class at the campus on Classical Mythology!

I love it!

The good news is, taking the Cardio fitness class is finally allowing me to get a membership at the local gym, which will in turn force me to actually go there!

That means, I'm not allowed to slack on my fitness!

No more excuses, I have to go!

I have wanted to take the classics class with this professor since my orientation at my campus.

The bad news is, I have am taking 4 classes all smashed into 7 weeks! I am already feeling the rush!

I think I am going to be pretty pale until these classes are over. 

Now, if only I can make myself get to bed earlier and catch some more Z's so I am not to tired for class every morning! 

Going from having my first class at 1:00p.m. to the morning, will certainly change your sleep schedule!

The only other downfall of my cardio class, is that you are only allowed to use the machines to count for you time. I love the arc machine, but I don't normally spend 50 mins on it, and instead, I use some of the other equipment to exercise. 

My favorite use of the gym membership are the classes you can take, such as Yoga, Zumba and Pilates. Unfortunately, I can only use those towards my required work outs 4 times. 

Hey, at least I will be working out at all, right?

So what do you prefer, classes, cardio machines, other equipment, or working out at home? 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A clarification:

Dear readers,

I have to admit, (please read with an honest and kind voice, as I do not wish to be misunderstood for my tone, for I am not angry or sour in this moment, only desiring to correct some confusion) that I find it ironic that after all the times I have been asking and hoping that visitors who read my blog would leave me a comment, once I finally get one, it is malicious and hurtful. 

That was certainly not what I was hoping for, but it completes the point I was making in my most recent post, which I have decided to delete since I was told that I seemed like an angry person who needed to seek help. Yes, that was the comment someone left. 

The point I was trying to make in my last post is that when you put anything out into the world, you risk having someone disagree with your opinion, and worse, having someone attack you for it.

Once again, I am not angry at this moment, I only wish to make clear the point of my previous post.

So let me try again, since my last post gave someone the wrong impression of me. 

Recently, some people who love me very much and only have my best interest at heart brought it to my attention that sometimes I share things online that they find to be too personal. 

I was a little annoyed with their persistence, but I realized they were right, and I should be more careful with what I say.

But so many friends that I love have shared silly annoyances like I have, and I guess it makes me feel like, "hey, I'm not the only one at least!" :) With a smile, not with anger. 

It's sad that I have to keep expressing that, but I know that it is so easy to read someone's writing and take it the wrong way. 

I am not a a super duper amazing writer who writes the clearest and cleverest all the time, but I do enjoy it, (more so when people are nice, but that's the real world).

That is EXACTLY (not yelling, just want to point this out) the point I was trying to make.

I want to remind everyone to be careful because I love my family and friends. 

When I learn a life lesson, I like to pass it along.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could learn from the mistakes of others and not have to make them all ourselves sometimes? I think so. You don't have to think so. I understand that everyone is not always going to agree with me, and that's okay.

But if you want to insult my integrity, please send me a private message, as I am a human being, and I do feel emotions. 

The trouble with social networking, is that it IS so easy to just shoot off whatever is in your head at that moment. It seems my commenter feels that if I am ever sad or angry, (feelings that I have been told by my psychology professor are normal and natural and healthy and that everyone should feel them or there IS a problem with them. 

I have never claimed to be perfect. I wish nothing in the world ever bothered me in any way, but I am pretty sure that would make me a robot, and I prefer to be a human being. 

But if you have never felt an emotion except for complete happiness, then pat yourself on the back, luck you. 

I am not so perfect, and that's okay with me. 

I do understand that writing comes with the possibility of people not agreeing with you, or misinterpreting what you say. 

That is precisely what my last post was about.

It's not that I am angry about it, I mean, don't get me wrong, world peace would be awesome; having everyone agree and get along, oh wait, that's Heaven. ;)

I was simply trying to express the fact that I have chosen to share what I will because I want to share stories if I think it might help others.

I mentioned how inspired I am at stories I have read in my magazines, or online, or heard about on the news or radio where people persevere through difficult challenges in their lives, and push through them and make it out with a happy ending. 

My stories may not be phenomenal like those, but I would like to try to provide any little bit of help and good I can do with what I have learned in my own experiences in life,. 

So sorry for the confusion, though I do find it funny that my words can be misinterpreted as angry, because I have actually been told that in real life, I might be a bit too bubbly

That use to annoy me, wondering why being happy rubbed people the wrong way, but now I will take Bubbly over some being told I seem like some angry crazy person any day.

Sure, I'm not perfect, but I am a happy newly engaged lady who might be a bit overwhelmed by all of the choices I have to make for planning my wedding (only because I am so indecisive) but all the same,  this is supposed to be one of the happiest times in my life. Not to be ruined by someone who claims to be religious and holy, and yet leaves a message that would humiliate anyone it was intended for.

What's more, have the courage to leave your name if you have the courage to verbally insult me.

If you don't like my blog, you don't have to read it. 

Hence the other point I made about living in a great free Country! 

We can choose to speak our minds. It's a beautiful thing.

Though, for myself, If I wanted to be perceived as an honorable child of God, I would do that by treating others the way I wanted to be treated. I would be kind and loving, and not say things that are hurtful and humiliating. 

But that's just me.

The commenter told me I needed to seek help from a counselor or pastor for my "anger issues".

I actually do have conversations about faith with a couple people in my life who are pastors and are kind hearted and good people, and those are the ones I will take my life advice from. 

If I am ever stressed, it is because I always put others before myself. I live to serve, as a child of God should. I do not have hate in my heart, though I find it ridiculous that feel I  have to defend being a good person on my own blog. 

Let me leave you with a song that came up on Pandora after I read my nice little comment I received. 

Divine intervention?


My advice for you is to stay true to yourself. Follow your heart, but try not to hurt others along the way. I know it can be difficult to always get along with everyone. We all have different beliefs and opinions. But that doesn't mean we should judge. That was the other big part of my blog. I threw in some bible verses about judging because I was feeling judged for sharing.
I didn't realize expressing my feelings would cause someone to think I was an angry person.

Emotions come and go and I certainly don't want to be defined by an emotion I feel at a moment. It does not mean I feel it all the time.

There are plenty of blogs out there where people refrain from any serious life conversations and stick to recipes, crafts or, I don't know talk about the weather. If that is for you, you may not want to read my posts anymore. Because I discuss all things about life, as they might relate to others. It's not always easy, but I believe it's the challenges in life that help us grow and become better people overall.

My past does not define me, but it has molded me. We live and we learn.

God Bless. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Song Selections: Input needed!

-That's right, I am starting to think about song selections, for the wedding and reception and believe it or not, my list isn't very long yet. We haven't set a date yet, and depending on what venue we choose, it might be prettier to have it in the Fall, so if that is the case, it's certainly not early enough to decide on song selections.

I listen to the radio on the way to school, but 95% of the songs are not wedding appropriate on Kiss FM.

I have been trying out a few Pandora stations to get some ideas, and have started a list.

I have broken down the type of music by Wedding Ceremony, Dinner, and Reception Dancing.

I know there are other moments that I will need to find music for, and I am open to suggestions for those times as well. 

I know we will need an "entrance song" and a song during the cake cutting. We need a song for the tossing of the bouquet and the throwing of the garter. 

Anything else? 

Obviously, I have time to figure all of this out, but other planning requires going places and checking out venues, cake tasting, and flower choosing, etc. 

This is one of the things that I can much more easily ask others for input on.

I have started a wedding notebook for my wedding planning, and song selections are the first couple of pages. Everything else seems to require a lot of internet searching, and who needs to print pictures anymore when I can just bookmark and website, and pin pictures to my wedding board on Pinterest?

For Dinner, I want some classy sounding, sweet and romantic music.

A couple songs I have chosen so far are:

-The way you look tonight
-Good life by One Republic
-Collide (Acoustic version) by Howie Day
-Only Time by Enya 

So, if you have any song ideas for dinner, please let me know!

For reception dancing, I have:

Aint No Mountain High Enough
Naturally by Selena Gomez
Love You Like A Love Song- Selena Gomez and The Scene
Lucky- Jason mraz
When you got a good thing- Lady Antebellum
When love takes over -David Guetta
Making memories of us- Keith Urban

I am looking for some fun upbeat music to dance to, as well as a mix of some cute romantic slow songs.

As you can see, that is all I have so far, and I have a lot more songs to choose still.

I would love to get some ideas for the Father Daughter dance, Mother, Son dance, and Our first dance. 

If you have any ideas, please click on the "post a comment" words below this post, and post your ideas there.

Thank you! 


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