Thursday, July 14, 2011

Marshall University

On the 4th of July, Ross and I left our friends and family in Ohio behind, and headed back to West Virginia.

We stopped in Huntington before heading to our summer apartment to visit with an old college roommate of Ross's and his girlfriend.

His friend works in the athletic facility at Marshall University. We had planned to stopping to see them at some point in the summer, but I also wanted to see the Marshall memorial dedicated the those who lost their lives in a plane crash many years ago. Almost the entire football team was on board, as well as many other important members of the team and the town. It was a devastating incident, and We are Marshall, the movie was created in honor of those people.

Five players were unable to be identified after the crash,
so the teammates were buried here together under
unmarked graves. The five stones on the ground here in 
grass are their final resting places.
This is what the middle stone says.

Ever since I saw the movie and cried my eyes out, I wanted to see the fountain which is dedicated to those who lost their life that day, and is turned off on that day once a year for a moment of silence for them.

After seeing the fountain, Ross and met up with his friend and got a tour of the campus. 

This is a view of the campus from the fountain.

First we were shown their amazing indoor pool.

Checking out the potential for a sunbathing area connected to the pool.

Basketball court. The exercise area is three stories as you
can see from behind the court.
This was taken from up on the track.

After the tour we went out to eat at a popular little place around the corner from the school. They had some great food!

We really enjoyed visiting Huntington, and I hope we can go back before the summer is over! It's so nice to hang out with people our age! Huntington was a really nice town too!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Visit home. Part 2.Dad's birthday and Cooking out.

Saturday Ross and I went to my dad's house to celebrate his birthday. We made tacos and ate outside. The weather was beautiful!

My brother got my dad a poop picker upper.

Yup, that scoop is for Mr. Marley.

and for Ozzy.

We listened to Pandora for some tunes outside.

My brother and his girlfriend.

Ross cooking out on the grill.

Chris trying out the new swing.

It's Bernie! Love him!

Chris' dog Misty came to visit for the night. She's smiling.

Dinner is served! It was amazing!
We went to see Transformers 3 in 3D later and it was my first 3D movie. It was really cool, but I was so dizzy afterwards and decided that I'll stick to 2D for future films. We checked out a new church the next morning with Ross' mom and I am really beginning to notice that many 20 somethings are not going to church anymore. Ross and I have been the only 20 somethings at so many churches lately. Maybe it's just a summer thing. We headed home Monday and stopped in Huntington on the way home to visit a college friend of Ross' and got to see Marshall University. That post will be coming soon. More pictures to follow!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A trip home to Ohio for the 4th of July! Part 1. Full of pictures

     Last weekend my boyfriend and I took advantage of the four day weekend to drive home to visit our family and friends for the 4th of July weekend.

     The hills of West Virginia make for a long, windy, hilly trip home. The view is beautiful, but kind of scary turning with a giant drop a foot away from your car.

Most of the drive looks like this.

Lots and lots of turns and lots and lots of trucks.

I've never really been afraid of heights before, but going over bridges with miles of space below you, yikes!

First, we got to go home and stay at my Mom's house. We surprised her by coming home a day early.

Pretty sunset on the drive home.

 My uncle was in town from Texas and we got to meet his girlfriend who cooked an amazing authentic Mexican dinner for us. We had a little get together with other family and friends and had a nice time visiting. 

My aunt's dog Mia spent the day with us. She's so precious!

We had a great little fire going at night. Who wants smores?

Day 2. To Be Continued. Many more pictures to come!


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