Friday, May 27, 2011

Let the moving process begin.


-Ross and I are packing up all of the non essentials for my remaining two-three weeks of living in this apartment. (I have dreamed of this day, well the one when I wouldn't be living in this memorable first apartment any longer!)

-I did my worst ever on my spanish oral quiz. Thank you photography class for taking all the time out of my life this quarter.

-Wait, I want to only write positive things, so thank you for that quiz being over! ;)

-We are going out to dinner tonight whenever Ross finishes moving things to our storage unit. (Yes all of our things not going to West Virginia for the summer, which is pretty much everything besides make-up, school books and clothes, are going in a storage unit.) 

-I am officially taking a study break. This quarter, like the rest, has been full of hard work. I still want to make the Dean's list, not gonna lie. It will be my third time, and I can still pull it off if I study hard enough for my spanish final!

This weekend...

-Ross is going to Put In Bay for a bachelor party, leaving me all to my lonesome, which means, he won't be distracting me with Dexter, trying to tempt me away from my studies.

-I plan to write all of my papers for English, which includes a 15 page paper, and fixing up everything I have written during the 

-I have to get together all of my pictures for my final photography assignment of portraits. I went home last weekend to photograph "family" pictures of my family and a friend of mine who has the cutest little boy. I got to see so many people last weekend while I was home and it was sooo nice!

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