Friday, March 4, 2011

March Madness

March is finally here, we are getting flooding here instead of many inches of snow now! I would call that some kind of progress. Orange japanese beetles are flying around, birds wake me up chirping before the sun rises, and it's finally not s cold outside! My college is currently running on quarters and not semesters. I actually like being on quarters a lot better, because I can do more classes in a year than a student who is on semesters. The classes move more quickly, but this is a good thing if you do not like your professor or the class at the time. Right now, I am taking two English classes, and Spanish. Next quarter I will be in Spanish 103, and I'm a little nervous to see how much harder the class will be, but I am doing well in 102 so far. Next quarter I will be taking the next class up in creative fiction writing and a photography class as well. I'm so excited for the photography class! Who wouldn't like to learn how to take better pictures? My dad bought me a new Kodak digital camera for Christmas, and  it's nicer than my old one, so I should be able to take pretty good pictures for my class! Yay! 

Also, Ross was offered a summer internship. I am trying to figure out if I can take summer classes from another school, and transfer them over for credit, that way I can graduate in the horseshoe stadium outside at the end of next Spring! One more year left of school! I have been in College for wayyyy to long! Spring break is coming up in two weeks, and I will get to go home for a bit and visit my friends back in Akron! So exciting! Sadly, Ross is on his spring break now, so he will have to stay back at our apartment so he can go to his classes. Right now, Ross is trying to call hotels to see if we can get a low rate to find a place to live near where his internship is this summer. If I can't take classes this summer, I will try and find a summer job somewhere, but it would be much better if I can take classes and graduate sooner! Fingers crossed that we find somewhere nice! 

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