Saturday, February 19, 2011

Allergies or a cold? Plus pictures finally!

Introducing... Ross and Ashlie
     Yesterday, convincing my self I was only suffering from allergies, I took my sneezing, watery eye self to our friends wedding reception. Sadly we could only show up for the last hour of the event, due to a make-up class Ross had to attend until 1:00 causing us to have to arrive at the event a bit late.

I have to say that I can't remember when the last time was that I had a really good cold. I started the weekend thinking I was just having some bad allergies from cleaning my apt. (My parents came to stay with me and my boyfriend Ross). Sadly, my "Allergies" have turned into a horribly sore throat, burning watery eyes, sniffles, sneezing, running nose, slight coughing and stuffy nose. Joy! lol

It's a good thing I didn't go with Ross to visit his grandma this weekend! I told him not to kiss her or breathe on her since he might be carrying my germs! This leads me to the funny thing about me getting sick (If there is a funny thing), I have been taking "Immunity" orange gummy vitamins twice a day! I guess they don't work very well, do they? (sigh) I feel like a big baby. Too bad my mommy stayed last night and not tonight! lol I believe I will have to venture out tomorrow and buy some cold medicine. The fact that the allergy medicine hasn't helped my symptoms, means I must have a cold! Bummer!

The sad part is that I carry around hand sanitizer, use a paper towel to turn off bathroom sinks, take daily multivitamins, wash my hands so much they crack and bleed, (and I wonder how germs got in? lol), and I wipe off the handle of my shopping cart with those sanitizer wipes! All for nothing it seems! (sigh again).

Well, I can't keep my droopy watery eyes open any longer. Sleep is a great remedy for not feeling well! Here however, are some pictures of my clean apt.

My tiny little dining area.

        The kitchen
Living Room
Bookshelf: holds everything!


Yay new lamp!

    Gas heater (not in use) turned into a table to try and conceal it's normal obscurity.
Yes I need a picture for that frame! I just haven't taken the right one yet!
  Guppies, Glo Fish, & Loach
Lilac tipped Tulips I bought for a visit from my parents!

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