Saturday, June 18, 2011

West Virginia

Ross and I have officially arrived in West Virginia for the summer. Things to note.

-We only have one parking space (which we didn't know about) and luckily, the neighbor next door is a lawyer who is renovating his house is allowing Ross to park in the driveway! Thanks nice landlord.

-speaking of land lords, can I just say that having ours live right behind us is like living with my mom again? 

-On the bright side, we live within walking distance of the city we live in, and Ross's sister and brother in law came to visit yesterday and we checked out some cool local bars and walked home just before the rain came. 

-We also live super close to the library and a YMCA! So I can stay smart and stay in shape ;)

-Our apartment looks very modern. I love modern so this is good. The only thing is we are renting out the basement of a house, so we deal with ...spiders! eek! You would never believe I used to work at a summer camp. ha.

-We get to recycle here which is so awesome because we only had a dumpster at our last apartment and it left us feeling super wasteful! 

-This apartment came fully furnished so we didn't have to move anything but our clothes and whatever else we needed (like make-up). However the landlord is VERY specific about what she decides to put in the house, and it's hard not having control over where you are living. 

-We have a cleaning lady, which is nice not to have to clean, but also weird having a complete stranger who we are not even allowed to meet come through where we are living with our personal belongings here. (apparently she is shy, and we are not allowed to be here while she is here.) 

-We got to go see a huge bridge in another town that is taller than two statues of Liberties standing on top of one another. We drove over the bridge and got to walk down wooden steps that led to an amazing outlook over mountains and a river where people were white water rafting at the time. It was really cool and beautiful!

-I have been so busy with my summer class and going places and seeing people that I haven't continued with my ripped in 30 which I plan to pick up this week now that I am caught up with all of my school work. (Moving put a damper on things) 

-The bachelorette and the Secret life of the American Teenager are my new summer guilty pleasure shows. 

-We are hoping to get a membership to the Y this week since it will be stormy all week, we probably won't get a chance to ride our bikes yet. 

-Ross and I got to stay at Glade Springs, which is a really new resort in WV where he had a convention for work. I got to go horseback riding and it was so much fun, though my pictures didn't turn out well because I gave my camera to a young girl working at the barn and she was moving the camera while taking the pictures. A little bit of camera shake going on there. 
Smokie, the really sweet horse I rode this week.

-I miss my friends at home already. I do live below a 30 something young woman, so hopefully her and I can hang out sometime. So unless I get any visitors, this will be a long summer without my girlfriends. 

-If the drive home wasn't so long and if gas wasn't about 4 bucks a gallon right now, I would go home more often, but an almost 12 hour drive can be a bit exhausting! Yuck! 

-Ross cooked me an amazing Stir Fry dinner tonight, though I need to take some more pictures of the apt soon, here are a few for now!


Adam said...

Wow, what are you doing in WV?! I would feel the same way with a landlord breathing down my neck...ugh!


P.S. Recycling rocks!

Ashlie said...

Ross has an internship at a law firm where he actually gets to do some of that "Lawyerin stuff" lol (we like to joke and call it that for fun) Yea I don't live with my parents anymore so I don't appreciate being told what to do like I am a child again. I am 26 I know how to be respectful and live somewhere on my own like a big girl. This isn't my first apartment! Recycling does rock! Apparently we have to use clear bags and separate everything, so we bought some clear plastic bags today, but they are kind of hard to find. We can't just use grocery bags or regular trash bags.


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