Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting ready for day 2 or Ripped in 30!

     Yesterday I started Jillian Michael's "Ripped in 30" workout, and at first, I thought the warm up was pretty easy (Ya I know, I shouldn't have gotten ahead of myself, it was just the warm up!) But I was able to get through the work out just fine through out the first 10 minutes. I was thinking, "Okay, I can do this no problem!" I haven't worked out in a few weeks since I bruised the bone of a few of my toes, and had trouble wearing shoes for the first week, so to be on the safe side, I took a break from exercising to let my toe heal. But now that bikini season is here, it's time to get in shape! 

     I originally had no desire to post any before pictures, especially since I didn't have any make-up before my work out. But then, Jillian suggested that I should take before pictures, because I am not going to believe my after. The only full body picture I managed to take of myself yesterday was by setting the timer on my camera, and my fish tank was in the way. (I was going to take the tank over to a friend's house for the summer, but that didn't work out, so it was still sitting by the door at the time). Anyway, with the fish tank moved, I used the timer on my camera to try and take some better pictures today. Once again, no make-up on, and they are not the prettiest pictures ever of me, but are before pictures ever good? Not really, so I'll post them anyways! I wasn't sure how I felt about anyone seeing me in my work out clothes, but a sports bra actually covers more than a bikini, so what they hey! Not to mention, I know I don't have a vast amount of readers right now, so most likely just friends and family will read this anyways. Maybe I'll get some more followers eventually when I have time to comment on other people's blogs and get some comments sent my way? 

     Anyways, after the first ten minutes were past during my week 1 workout. I took a couple drink breaks, a bathroom break, and soon it was taking me longer than 20 min to get this work out done that was supposed to be only 20 min, though the dvd case says 24. The actually workout ran for just a little over 30 min. Which is good, because I have read that to simply maintain your body weight, you are supposed to work out for 30 min everyday, however this is supposed to be getting me ripped, so hopefully I can do that but only working out for 30 min a day, and not an hour which is recommended to lose weight. I'm not trying to drop any pounds, I am trying to tone my muscles and improve my health. 
By twenty minutes, I was tired, and feeling the burn as I finally began to sweat. Something tells me each work out will get harder sooner as my body is more sore from the day before's work out. 

     Last night I didn't feel too sore, only a tiny bit, but when I woke up this morning, I could definitely feel it. I know that I will be more sore as I work out more this week, so I am not taking my day off yet. I have 4 days to study before my final exam, so I have no excuse to not workout today. As a matter of fact, I plan on doing just that after this post. I was told by a medic once who worked in Iraq, that it is best to give your body a little time in the morning before you start working out. Most people are more prone to injuries when they first wake up. So, I always try and give myself a little time to loosen up and not be so stiff, which would in turn make it easier to injure myself. 

     I can work out 5-6 days a week, and depending on how I feel the rest of week one, I plan on taking it slowly at first since I don't work out on a regular basis, and I don't want to push myself to hard and risk an injury. I would rather make it all the way through. I am also following along with the modified version since I am a beginner. My goal is to get through this DVD in 30 days. I am also following Jillian's meal plan which anyone can download for free off of her website.

     I have read some reviews on the DVD, and the biggest complaint is how tough it is. But come one people, she is from the Biggest Loser! It's her job to be tough and whip people into shape! I want to do it! I have watched the show with my parents, and wished she would put out a DVD for people like me who just want to be more defined. When I'm doing her work out, she reminds us that if,  300lb people can do it, so can we! It's so true! She is very motivational. I am going to see if I can check out her new book from the library this summer. 

Stay tuned, while I get Ripped in 30! 

Water Break

Mat work included

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