Sunday, April 10, 2011

Strawberries taste so much better with chocolate!

Getting some sun just in time!
In the past few winter like weeks, (though it's supposed to be Spring!) I have been obsessed with with baking. The problem is, I have been baking cakes and cupcakes. (As seen in recent posts) 
Last week, I decided to bake a chocolate cake with triple chocolate chip icing. I didn't even know such icing existed, but alas, it exists! 

Today Ross said to me, "We really need to eat up that cake soon!" So a creative way to eat my cake without it compromising my touch 18 min Ab workout from my Turbo Jam Dvd, and my 10 min upper body routine from my Pilates Dvd, I ate my chocolate cake with fresh strawberries. 

My working out is going fine. I am starting slowly as not to strain myself. I have worked out twice this week. My first work out this week was only 20 min, but it was so intense that I was dripping sweat and was sore for two days. Hence why I am just now working out again today. I plan to work out more and more each week, for longer amounts of time and more days a week. I will post some pre workout pics as soon as I feel comfortable posting them. Well, it's time to shower! Until next time.

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