Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend home and Wedding

This weekend Ross and I went home for my second cousin's wedding. It always amazes me how much shorter weddings are when they are not Catholic. Catholic weddings are quite long! But my second cousin's wedding was kept pretty short, but very sweet and even funny at some moments. Aside from the flower girl sticking out her tongue at the crowd, there was a moment after the bride and groom lit the unity candle, when they maid of honor was fixing the brides dress, when the best man comically pulled on a small lint roller, and rolled the back of the groom's tux. Everyone who caught it chuckled. It was a very clever way to add in some comic relief for a teary (joyfully teary) bride. I totally loved the idea!

When we first got into town we made a quick shopping trip, returns really. Gotta love online shopping. You can't try before you buy. (sigh) That's the downfall of a small farm town. There isn't much around. So when you want something, you get it online.

Then, I finally got to eat sushi this weekend! Yeah! So happy! Ross and I met his father out for dinner, and we had a very intellectual conversation. Though I feel a strong urge to educate myself more on societal issues like politics and world affairs. I swear once I graduate and am no longer a full time student, I will spend more time reading about what's going on in the world today. For now, I really need to be reading for my classes. It's sad I know. I do catch some worldly news when I sign in to aol. (Yes I am still living in the Ice ages and use aol e-mail. I soooo need to create a new e-mail. Mine is much too long and I hate having to spell it out for people when they ask for it. A job for another day.

Anyhow, all in all, I got to see a ton of family and friends this weekend whom I haven't seen in a while, so it was a success in that dept. But the downfall of visiting so many people on the weekends, is that I don't get hardly ANY school work done. I am officially making myself get to bed now, so that I can wake up (literally) at the crack of dawn to take "sunrise" photographs. Have to get my first assignment for photography class completed by monday. Tomorrow will be a very busy and productive day. I must stay focused! Study, Study, and go to bed at a decent time! It's always good to set goals!

On a sad note, my camera battery died, so I have no pics to post for now.  :(
I will luckily be able to use Ross's moms camera tomorrow morning. :)

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