Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

I survived Halloween without eating too much candy! Hooray! I hope you did the same!

I have been pretty busy the past few weeks writing papers and studying for midterms. I really hope this is my last fall quarter. Unfortunately, I have discovered today that even after the spring quarter, I may have 2  classes I need to take before I graduate. I am not sure how or when I will get these in, but I have a wonderful advisor and professor helping me out! They are the best!

My boyfriend and I also had the joy of watching his mom's dog these past two weeks while they were on vacation. I figure it's best not to mention going on vacation until you are back. Safety first!

Here are a couple of adorable pictures of the little havanese (well, actually he's big for his breed).

Bernie thought these stuffed animals were his toys.
What is that you see? Stuffed animals? They are called squisables. If you know a young one that would love a cute fat furry toy, (or like me you want one for yourself) you can find them here: http://www.squishable.com/

 If you go there today there is a coupon code from their fb page for getting 300,000 likes! (YAY300000FANS) That is the coupon code. 

I know, sorry. He thinks I am a complete dork for wanting to own stuffed animals at 26 yrs. old. My best friend has them too. Therefore, there are at least 2 twenty-somethings in the world who don't think it's crazy to own a stuffed animal at our age. :)

Anyways, enough of childish dorkdom...

It was so nice to have a pet for a while. As I have mentioned before, we are getting a retried Siberian cat soon. How soon, I cannot say yet. We are STILL waiting to hear back from the breeders. They are not great at returning phone calls or e-mails. Sigh. I just want my kitty already! Geesh! lol
I plan to blog about her soon and post pictures. But after this post, I must do my spanish homework.

My days of procrastinating and staying up until midnight every night finishing my homework are over. 
You may be wondering, then why are you blogging right now instead of studying? Well, good quesiton. I had a stressful day after finding out I have two classes that may cause me not to be able to graduate this spring, so I like to write to relieve stress. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses, or blog. :) 

I did start a schedule today that literally runs about every 15 min to every half an hour depending on my schedule each day, so that I can start keeping track of how I spend my time. 

I actually made it to my first 8:00a.m. class early for the first time since the first week of school! Yay me! However, I learned that I could get there a little bit earlier than I did today too. 

Hey, learning not to procrastinate and to be on time is a process. One day at a time.

For Halloween, we went to a party that some of his classmates threw. 

I had known for a while that I wanted to be the Black Swan this year, so when I went to Icing at the mall and they had a buy one get one sale on the halloween clothing, I got a black tutu with free black wings, black feather eyelashes and black gloves for free (which I forgot to wear). 

Ta Da! 

My b/f was hoping we could go as a couple thing, but I didn't know what we would be, and that was a really cheap costume! Sorry babe!

So...we put our thinking caps on and tried to come up with something for him that we could do for cheap and preferably with something we already had.

My two ideas.

1.Wrap yourself in toilet paper and go as a mummy.

2. Wrap yourself in tin foil and go as left-overs.

The final verdict?

Black Swan and a Jalapenos burrito
In our little town, we have a knock off Chipotle called Jalapenos. They wrap their burritos up in tin foil and put them in a paper bag. Alas, we have his costume! 

The funny thing is, two days before I went costume shopping with my neighbor so she could pick up some things, and I desperately tried to get him to change his mind and buy a real costume. No luck. He was happy with his choice. (well my idea) And guess what?

By the end of the night, most of his tin foil had fallen off.
Sadly, I did not take a picture sooner! sigh.

He was originally fully wrapped in tin foil. 
Warning: Not a good costume for sitting, or walking. 

That's right. He won the costume contest. Moral of the story? Do what you want, no matter what people say. 

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! What were you? 

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