Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This weekend my significant other and I ventured to the city of Pittsburg for the long awaited pick-up of our new three year old retired breeder girl Enya. 

She was born at Keitta Siberians, and was kept to breed because she was so pretty and met the quality of her breed. 

I am not sure exactly why the decided to retire her, but after all of my searching through multiple websites from other breeders across the U.S. we found her for the right price, the right distance (driving distance) and just the kind of cat I have always wanted.

She is a Neva Masquerade, meaning dark face, ears paws and tail and a cream to white body. Not to mention the prettiest light blue eyes. I took a picture of her enormous paws. Since she is only three, she will not be full grown until she is 5, so my guess is she has some growing to do to match to size of her paws, or Siberians just have really big paws for their bodies! 

She takes better pictures in natural light.
That was the best red eye fix I could do,
 but check out that huge paw!
To make the car ride not so long and tedious for both us and the cat, we stayed the night at my mom's house friday, drove to Pittsburg Saturday, drove back to my mom's Saturday night, and then went home Sunday.

Enya spent the first night at my mom's hiding under our bed. She eventually laid on the couch next to my mom and even laid in our laps and let us pet her.

After we brought her back to our apartment, she immediately found all of the places should could hide even though I left her carrier for her int he spare bedroom. 

she hid under our bed, the futon, both of our dressers, behind the couch, and skidded through the kitchen as she went from the bedrooms to the living room. 


I know we have to be patient with her, but I look forward to the day that she doesn't want to hide anymore.

My step-dad kindly re-carpeted a big cat-tree that my mom's friend so kindly gave to us for FREE! Yay! But sadly it was too big to bring home with us. I really think once we get it here it will give her a place to go so she won't feel she has to hide under the furniture all of the time.

Sometimes I lure her out by petting her, sometimes by cat-nip flavored cat treats. But as I sit typing this, she sits under the recliner. Sigh.

I truly  believe God is always trying to teach me patience.

Are you saying that my kitty isn't going to sit on my lap while I do homework and try and catch my fingers while I type on my computer and act like Simon the cat right now? Darn.

Who is Simon the Cat? Let me share a funny video with you. 


If you are a cat person, you may be able to relate to some of the videos. They are pretty cute.

Anyways, we are still getting our new kitty acclimated to our apartment. She hasn't met our Betta Chance yet. 

Chance was named b/c there is a "Chance" he will survive with Enya here. Chance lives in a little Betta tank with a lid, a lid that is not taped down, but still. There is always that chance.

If anyone has ever brought a new pet home and had to get them acclimated, please share your stories with me and any tips you have for making them feel more at home....sooner. :) 

Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? Agh Thanksgiving. Yum. :)

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