Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home

This past weekend Ross made plans to spend time with his buddies in Columbus.

I had every intention of staying home by myself and catching up on all of my reading for my classes, but an opening to get back in to be a patient with my lifetime/childhood family Dr. opened up on friday, and I immediately packed up and skipped my friday class so I could make it home in time for my app.

(I was so looking for a reason to go home, and not have to be here all by my lonesome for 3 whole days and nights!)

I was seeing a Dr. out here where we live so I would have someone to go to while we lived out here for a year just in case I needed anything, but I really didn't like her. I was so lucky to become a patient again with my wonderful family Dr. who I have been going to since I was about 6 yrs. old! My whole family has been going to her for years and she is wonderful!

So my best friend was super excited that we would get to see each other this weekend instead of having to wait for when I was planning on coming home next weekend for my grandparents 60th Anniversary!

I had tons of homework and reading to do, and I planned on studying hard, but I of course wanted to see my bf, and she was going to the mall, and I needed to return a sweater, so why not go with, right?

It was honestly a quick trip and I was good and didn't buy anything! Had to be the first time I walked out of the mall with more money than I left with! Ha!

Saturday my mom hosted our family's Ladies Chat that we have every couple of months with cousins, aunts, mothers, daughters, etc. It's so much fun!

Time to eat!

We eat great food that normally goes with the theme of whatever time of the year it is, and play two rounds of LRC (Left, right, center)

It's grandma's turn!
Hello, delicious food that made my belly full and happy!

My mom and I. 

My Aunt and I. 
Future flower girl.

How adorable is my cousin? Her two sisters are just as beautiful! 

Chat time! 
I of course ended up buying my assigned reading on to catch myself up on the two hour drive home. 

Virginia Woolf, you can be a bit dry.

My spanish homework was completed  by 11:30p.m.

 I am going home again next weekend. Maybe this time I will aim to get as much homework done before I go home for the weekend? Let's hope! 

I do believe that dark chocolate Snickers bar I ate an hour ago made me catch my second wind. :)

I know I didn't have time to hang out with many ppl this weekend, but my school reading load is insane right now! Hopefully next weekend I will have more time to see people! 

Saturday evening I will be busy with my grandparents' anniversary party, but maybe earlier in the day someone will be up for a trip to the mall so I can use my AE gift card?!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and feel refreshed for a new week!

p.s. Friends, family and whoever else reads this...
I completely won't think you are a creeper for reading my blog.
That's why I post a link on facebook and Twitter! :)
Don't be afraid to leave me a comment, I would love it actually!
All you have to do is click below where it says "Post a comment"!
I would love to get a "hey, good to see you this weekend!" or "hey brat, we better hang out next time!" lol ;) Seriously, I know you read it! It's okay! If you read this far, you might as well give me a shout out! :)

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