Thursday, October 6, 2011

These shoes weren't made for walking.

For the past couple of weeks, I have spent precious time away from my assigned reading for my two English classes, and working on my spanish homework and studying by spending hours online trying to find the perfect pair of training shoes.

What I have been looking for:

-Something I can wear inside my apt. only! I don't want to work out on my carpet in dirty street shoes! Yuck!

-A shoe that will allow me to move in any direction without hurting my feet or keeping me from comfortably doing any one move in particular.

-A shoe that is somewhat appealing to me in color and design. (Trust me, I have really lowered my standards in color to sacrifice for the best shoe for my work outs)

So in one of my recent posts, I showed you that I bought these shoes...

I liked the blue, and the dark gray would look alright with the mostly dark work out clothes that I usually wear. (Love my V.S. yoga pants!)

However, when I lunged to the side, I received a giant uncomfortable sharp pinch from the top part above my ankle! I couldn't make it through a 10 min work out!

I bought them from Dicks Sporting Goods online, and if I am going to pay $90.00 for a pair of shoes, they better NOT hurt my feet! Am I right?

I sent them back, and I was sad.

So after checking out tons of shoe sites, I went back to Nike because they were the only ones that had shoes that were supposed to be made for moving around in full motion. (Hence the fact that the shoes above were the motion fit, but yet they hurt my feet when I was in motion...not cool!)

So I tried again with a pair that a woman in my class wore one day and told me she wears them to Zumba and all around, and they are super comfortable.

The downfall was, I love the color blue, and they only offered purple and pink. 

Many people think I am some kind of super girlie girl, but I'm really not. I will take anything in blue over pink and purple any day!

However, these were on sale for $50.00 on the Nike website, and they even offered free shipping. They arrived on my doorstep today.

I read comments by users saying that they were great for cardio work outs. One buyer even mentioned that she worked out to Jillian Michaels Dvd's, which is exactly what I want them for! 

But alas, they had the same pinch problem by the top of the tongue, and the tongue part was uncomfortable all the way down. I'm going to attempt to wear them once to work out inside and see if I can get used to them or something, but they are even more uncomfortable than my last pair.

SO...I would really love to know, if anyone is reading, and you have a pair of training shoes that are actually comfortable to wear while doing cardio exercises, please give me some suggestions. 

Most likely, these are going back. I'm not even going to go into the joy of returning items bought online either. I had to pay 2 bucks to return the last pair, and I was really hoping I wouldn't feel the need to go through that again with these. We will see. 

I will find out soon enough when my food settles from my late lunch/early dinner if they can stand up to the wrath of Jillian Michaels. I might wander over to her website and see what she wears. I am sure she just has a sponsor and wears whatever she gets paid to wear. 

Next time though, I try before I buy, and hopefully I buy in person! My pudgy belly can't wait any longer to do cardio! Mcdonalds Monopoly is not helping either! Ha. 

Let's hope these just need broken in! Wish me luck!

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