Monday, September 5, 2011

Climb every mountain.

I figured since fall is rolling around, it's time to write my post from my hiking trip with Ross in WV.

Ross and I took a trip this summer to Sand Stone Falls to see the waterfalls and hike a mountain.

The GPS decided to lead us down a twisty one lane road
that led us down through a mountain to Sand Stone Falls.

The view of the woods and mountain was beautiful.

 The parts that took us right to the edge were scary.
WV even has farms in the mountains. 
                                     Once we arrived in Sand Stone Falls,
                                                                              the falls were beautiful. 

My handsome guy standing in front of the beautiful landscape.

Posing by the falls.

Deck overlook.

Bridge over the river.
View from the bridge.

Hiking down a mountain.
We hiked down a mountain by the park and
found natural waterfalls in the woods.

More hidden falls in the woods.

Picture opp.
We walked by this old mossy bridge that was washed up on the land.
So green and pretty. 
We came across this cool log.

We came out of the woods and crossed the street to find this view.
Rippling waters.
As we were driving away from the park we saw all of these geese swimming
up the river. 

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