Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall and a dedication to a fighter of evil masses.

Ross and I are finally in our new place, so I will give you a sneak peek. 

The family room.

The bedroom with our new comforter! It looks more mature
than our last one. (Don't mind that stuffed animal, that is very mature) ;)

The office, home of my clothes,
and official air drying space.

I was so excited about having a new place, that I picked up some new decor.

I love my fall candles!
How cool is this candle holder?
I love owls! <3

My favorite scent so far by Bath and Body Works

New shower curtain.
New towel rack.

New towels.
New bathroom rug. Can you tell I love blue?

While we wait for our new cat to arrive,
we are holding ourselves over with our new
Betta. His name is Chance.
This weekend while I was home visiting with family and friends, I decided to pick up a couple of things to get myself ready for Fall and back to school. Fall is officially my favorite season! 

A new purse that is easy for me to carry to school.

Cute new Fall Essie color.
Forever 21 Top.

From Forever 21.

Last weekend was also a trip home to visit a dear friend of mine who is losing her battle to lung cancer. My friend Megan sells Premiere Jewelry and decided to donate 100% of the money she would have earned to help pay to bring Marsha's daughter home to see her before her time here on Earth is over. Meg has such a big heart! It was so nice to see Marsha. She has made such a big impact on my life. It's so sad when you have to watch the kindest people in the world suffer. I dedicate this blog to Marsha. 

Megan and I at her Premiere
Jewelry open house.

Marsha, you meant the world to me, and I am better for having known you. I hope you look down on me from Heaven, and continue to help lead me in the right direction in life from up there. Love you!

Marsha and I.

If anyone would like to make a donation to bring home Marsha's daughter MJ from California to try and see her mom one last time. Please leave a comment on this blog, and I will get in touch with you. We are working to contact the Make a Wish foundation who help adults who are short on time get special last wishes granted. We are hoping they might help her daughter and two grandchildren fly home to see her. The rest of the money donated will be going to helping her and her husband pay for certain medical bills from the process of her Chemo and Radiation. Please keep her and her loved ones in your prayers. She is one special woman for sure!

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