Friday, September 10, 2010

My first Post! The second weekend in my new apartment!

As the night winds down, I have to turn off the t.v to prevent myself from watching another episode of Four Weddings on TLC. My wonderful boyfriend is helping me find the best prices to buy my books for school online. We cooked our official first real meal together tonight, and we are both stuffed! The chicken and angel hair pasta was amazing!

I ventured out into the city today to find the nearest Pet Supplies plus. I never knew until recently that hermit crabs like to be sprayed with water to keep their shells and claws from drying up. So I bought some kind of special hermit crab spray, though I'm sure a water bottle would do the trick.

Where my boyfriend and I live  it can get a little loud outside with the windows open, and sometimes when they are shut too. I am excited to meet the people he spent the first year of his law school telling me about, but I am more excited to start school myself and make some friends of my own.

 Since he will be busy working on things for school this weekend, I will be making a trip closer to home at a Christian retreat to visit friends and help out where needed. Now I just need to decide what I am going to bring to the Pot Luck dinner saturday night at the camp. Until next time.

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